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Inclement weather and work accidents

On this blog, we have gone over many different issues related to workplace accidents, from construction falls to repetitive stress injuries. However, there are other factors that workers in diverse fields may want to take into consideration. With summer weather coming to an end, there are a number of weather-related hazards that workers may want to be mindful of. Our law firm knows how devastating workplace accidents are for people all across New York and the importance of prevention.

During winter months, a worker may become hurt after falling down due to ice. However, there are many other weather-related risks to watch out for. For example, someone working on a construction site may be electrocuted when it is raining or when equipment they are using comes into contact with a pool of water from recent rainfall. Other weather-related work hazards include suffering a heat stroke due to very high temperatures or becoming hurt due to poor visibility brought on by fog, among others.

Sometimes, workers sustain injuries due to inclement weather because their employers were careless or failed to ensure that workers were taken care of properly. Moreover, it is essential for an injured worker to go over his or her rights and options regardless of the cause of the injury. For some people who are struggling with these hurdles, discussing what they are going through with an experienced legal professional can be very helpful. If you browse over to our page on workers’ compensation, you can access more helpful material concerning jobsite accidents.


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