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Fatigue places workers in danger of accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2016 | Workplace Accidents |

If you spend much of your time at work suffering from fatigue, then you understand how easy it is to make errors or be slow to react when confronted with hazardous situations. And of course, the only real cure for fatigue is to get plenty of rest. But far too often, workers must adhere to schedules that make this impossible.

While sleep needs vary from person to person, research has revealed that workers experience a significantly increased chance of committing mistakes when having had less than five hours of sleep prior to a work shift. Likewise, workers are far more likely to slip up if they have been awake for over 16 hours.

Moreover, there are workplace conditions that can exacerbate fatigue while on-the-job, which include:

  • Having to perform monotonous, repetitive, boring, or difficult tasks.
  • Having to perform tasks for a long, sustained period of time.
  • Working in dim lighting.
  • Being subjected to loud noises.
  • Working in a warm or hot environment.

Shift workers and those who must work irregular hours are especially vulnerable to the effects of fatigue. And if you should work in an environment that is rife with potential hazards, such as a warehouse, construction site or behind the wheel of a vehicle, just a momentary lapse of consciousness could result in a very serious injury.

If you have suffered a fatigue-related injury at work, you may benefit by having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney help you with your claim. Sometimes insurance companies will attempt to rush an accident victim into a settlement in an effort to limit the amount they pay out. An attorney can assess your needs and work to help you get appropriate recompense.



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