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Legal assistance can help you with your workers’ comp claim

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2016 | Workplace Accidents |

If you are familiar with workers’ compensation, you may be aware that workers’ compensation is insurance that is paid for by your employer. Similar to car insurance, when something goes wrong, you can be reasonably certain that the insurance company will do what it can to help you. In fact, many workers’ compensation claims are relatively easily handled, allowing injured workers to recover compensation. So why do you need legal aid?

Like all insurance companies, even though your employer’s insurer will likely not hesitate to make a payout, it will also likely do all that it can to ensure that said payout is as low as possible. Combined with the fact that New York law has recently allowed for limits to be placed on the amount of compensation an injured worker can recover, and you may be facing an uphill battle to recover the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

The legal limits on workers’ compensation benefits are determined primarily by the extent of the injuries suffered and the effect that the injuries have on your life. This means that if you lose a limb, the cap for your payout will likely be rather high because the loss of a limb significantly affects lifestyle and even ability to work. It is with regards to this limit that legal assistance can be the most helpful.

With the help of an attorney who is familiar with New York’s workers’ compensation laws, you can demonstrate the severity and extent of your injuries. Visit our web page to learn how we can help you with your claim. Instead of letting the insurance company determine how much they think your injury will affect you, let us help you prove how serious your injuries are so that you can get the compensation you deserve.



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