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November 2015 Archives

Loss of sight or hearing could mean more compensation

Obviously, any type of injury suffered due to work-related functions or activities is unfortunate, which is why workers' compensation exists. Individuals who strain their backs doing heavy lifting, for example, should not then be left to fend for themselves when they can no longer do their jobs because of injuries they suffered while doing their jobs. Like many injuries, there are varying degrees of severity when it comes to on-the-job injuries. Among the most severe are loss of use injuries.

Workplace illness claims can be hard to prove

If you are familiar with workers' compensation law, you likely know that workers' compensation benefits are relatively easy to recover compared to many other types of compensation. Generally speaking, these benefits are provided by insurers who are being paid by your employer, and these payments are specifically designed to ensure that injured workers get the care and assistance that they need in the event of an accident. Much like how health insurance makes it easier and cheaper for you to afford health care, workers' compensation is designed to make recovery from workplace injuries easier.

Do workers' compensation claims have statutes of limitations?

The concept of a statute of limitations is fairly common knowledge for most people. Even if someone is not aware of exactly what the statute of limitations for any given legal issue is, the fact that a statute may exist is not lost on most people. Criminal acts such as drug possession or homicide have statutes of limitations, and personal injuries such as car accidents also have statutes of limitations. However, did you know that workers' compensation claims have them too?

Workplace injuries are not always physical

When it comes to adverse health effects suffered on the job, there are many different issues that an individual may suffer. Depending on the occupation, a worker may suffer repetitive stress injuries, blunt force trauma from a falling object or even a disease from exposure to hazardous materials or toxic chemicals. These are perhaps the most common types of injuries that a person may suffer on the job, but there are some issues that can be just as serious: psychological issues.

Construction site fatalities in New York are increasing

No matter what part of the country you are in, chances are that there are construction workers who are risking their lives every day in order to complete a project. Due to the nature of construction work, the possibility of suffering an injury on the job is extremely high. Construction workers have always faced significant dangers in their daily work, but due to a significant increase of construction happening in New York, construction worker injuries are becoming more common.

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