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Compensation for work-related illnesses

When most people think of the benefits of workers’ compensation, they think of suffering physical injuries that they received on the job, such as cuts and bruises. While you can certainly take advantage of workers’ comp in these cases, you might be surprised to learn that you can also take advantage of workers’ comp for illnesses suffered on the job. If you’ve become afflicted by an illness that was caused by conditions at your place of work, you could qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Worker injured at manufacturing plant

While some jobs come with more occupational hazards than others, there's always a chance that an accident could occur at your place of work, possibly resulting in mild to severe injury. From slipping on an icy staircase to being injured while operating a piece of machinery, accidents in the workplace can occur in many different ways. However, what's often just as, if not more, important in these workplace accidents than the cause of the accident is how injured employees are treated after it occurs. Injuries, medical bills and lost wages are just some of the issues that could follow a workplace accident.

A general overview of workers' compensation

Workers' compensation can be one of the most important benefits afforded to employees. It covers employees for work-related injuries, giving employees faith that if they are injured at work, they will not be left to fend for themselves. This is particularly important for workers whose occupations involve dangerous machinery, equipment or operations, such as construction workers. Workers' compensation laws can vary by state, but there are some useful tidbits of information to know when dealing with the process.

Accident kills on the job construction worker

Every job has some form of occupational hazard, but it could be argued that the occupational hazards that construction workers face are significantly more dangerous than most other workers. From the heavy moving parts of various machines to the extreme heights of the New York skyscrapers, construction workers inhabit extremely dangerous areas on a near-daily basis. Additionally, New York’s workers’ compensation laws have changed so that there is a maximum amount of benefits that workers can receive based on their injuries. This is why construction workers need someone looking out for them if they get injured on the job.

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