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June 2014 Archives

Former plant workers struggle to get benefits after cancer

It’s a sad story that’s been repeated too many times throughout our history. Employees give the best years of their lives to a company only to find out that they were exposed to harmful chemicals, radiation or other workplace hazards and now have a medical ailment that requires extensive medical treatment. Yes, occupational illnesses like these are sometimes hard to predict. Companies may not have known about the hazards at the time, but upon learning of the damage that has been done, they have a responsibility to take care of the people who gave them so much over their careers.

New York worker dies from on-the-job injury

Workers in New York understand that accidents can happen on the job. If an injury occurs, it’s the company’s job to provide workers’ compensation that will financially support the employee throughout his or her recovery. Often, there are spouses and children who depend on the income as well and would be devastated without the assistance that workers’ compensation provides.

New York sidewalk sheds a hazard for construction workers

Anyone who has walked around New York City for any amount of time can tell you about the sidewalk sheds. For the uninitiated, they’re miniature scaffoldings, usually fashioned out of scraps of plywood that are supposed to shield pedestrians from falling debris from a construction site overhead. They’re ubiquitous; since 1998, their numbers have ballooned to almost 10,000.

Is your work giving you an occupational illness?

When you think of workplace illnesses, the image that jumps to mind is probably one of a factory worker breathing in noxious fumes day in and day out, or a construction worker who's made to lift heavy machinery over and over again. But occupational illnesses take all sorts of forms and pop up anywhere, from coffee shops to the cubicle.

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