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April 2014 Archives

Some New York workers at worse risk than carriage horses

Many people care about animals and are hard at work looking out for their health, safety and living conditions. Animals cannot speak for themselves and need advocates who can and will speak up for them and their welfare. However, while great passion has been aimed at the pursuit of justice for our furry and feathered friends, workplace injuries and other harm caused to humans should be publicized with an equal or greater fervor.

New York teachers affected by occupational illness

No one is immune to the possibility of injury in the workplace as the result of accidents. Many jobs come with the risk of occupational illness, which can be summed up as the impairment of a worker as a result of something physical, chemical or biological in the workplace. However, it is the responsibility of employers to provide adequate training and safety equipment and to ensure that workers are safe in their work environment.

New York worker falls to death in scaffolding accident

Thousands of New Yorkers get up each morning and head to a construction site to continue work on a new building or renovation project. Unfortunately, construction work often poses significant risk to workers, and there are several types of injuries a person can sustain on the job. Workers' compensation is designed to help victims of workplace accidents navigate a difficult time and help them get back on track. This money can cover medical expenses as well as lost wages that result from time away from work.

Train safety in doubt after fatal derailment in the Bronx

Each day, New Yorkers climb aboard commuter trains on their way to work. For some, the train and the tracks are their job sites. However, passenger and commuter trains pose serious risks to both passengers and workers. In fact, workplace injuries involving these machines are surprisingly not uncommon. The statistics of poor train safety in the state and throughout the country have some people asking if there is more that can be done to prevent injuries.

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