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December 2013 Archives

Gov. Cuomo says Business Relief Act will help injured workers

“Through the 2013 Business Relief Act, the state is providing a practical and affordable way for thousands of businesses to meet their responsibilities so that injured workers can receive the compensation they deserve,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday, Dec. 20.

'Scaffold Law' continues to draw ire in New York

Construction workers inherently work in a dangerous industry. They are around powerful machinery; they deal with heavy equipment and materials; and the chaotic nature of a construction site lends itself to accidents. Just because these brave people work in a tough industry does not mean that any harm or injuries they suffer is "part of the job." They need laws, protocols and protections to ensure they are covered in case of a terrible construction accident.

New guidelines for nano-material control released

When people think about workplace safety, they commonly refer to best practices for preventing injuries in dangerous working environments, such as mine shafts, construction sites, and warehouses. Conversations about workplace safety usually do not include environments where nano-materials are being used. However, as an increasing number of products include these materials, the importance of maintaining proper safety protocols becomes important.

OSHA proposal could see employers publicly report work accidents

As many New York residents are aware, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration serves a variety of very important functions in this country. Of the utmost concern to many workers out there, OSHA is the organization that makes sure that every workplace is in proper order, in terms of protocols, cleanliness and employee safety (among other things).

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