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Everyone who owns a home or has significant financial assets should be smart enough to know that they need adequate automobile liability insurance in case they are sued for personal injury arising out of an accident. But how can you protect yourself and your family if you are the victims of an accident caused by someone with no insurance or insufficient insurance?

Medicaid To "Ring" in the New Year With Positive Changes

The "Medicaid Redesign Team" has announced that for the first time in the past two years the "community spouse minimum and maxim resource allowance" will experience an increase in 2012. Currently, the spouse of an institutionalized individual receiving Medicaid nursing home care coverage is permitted to retain a maximum of $109,560.00 in resources while receiving a maximum maintenance needs allowance of $2,739.00. At the start of the New Year these figures will increase to $113,640 and $2,841 respectfully.


There are literally thousands of books and articles which you can find which have been written on the subject of starting a small business. It is the American dream and we have glorified small business ownership and in particular, entrepreneurship as part of our modern American business culture. We celebrate the successes of the captains of industry and assume that if we just follow the steps in the magazine articles, we too will be gracing the cover of Fortune magazine. Yet, truth be told, statistically, most people will never see a meteoritical rise to success and in fact many people are not so happy after starting and/ or several years after owning their own business, often finding that it isn't all it was cracked up to be. They long for the days where they just had a job and a steady paycheck and where they could just sleep again at night without worrying about how to meet expenses. This usually occurs sometime after the entrepreneur sinks every last dime which they were able to beg, borrow or steal in to their business plan for the creation of the ultimate widget (or in some cases in to a franchised business for those with had less imagination). It is right about then, usually a few years in to the plan, that it dawns on them that they are actually completely miserable, that they will not be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, or even the next successful dry cleaner down the block and that they are barely surviving and just working for a paycheck. It is at this moment that the thought first occurs to them, "How do I get out?"

Texas Judge Loses Visitation Rights in Response to Internet Video

A Texas Family Court Judge has been barred from visiting his 10 year old daughter without his ex-wife's supervision after a video surfaced on YouTube earlier this year that depicted the Family Court judge beating his 23 year old daughter (who was 16 at the time of the incident) with a belt. The video has garnered millions of views and has led to calls for his resignation.

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