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What are some workplace hazards that welders face?

From tripping in an office space to exposure to pesticides on farms, workers face a variety of risks on a regular basis. In Staten Island, and in cities all over New York, it is very important for people to be aware of the different risks that are present at their place of work. For example, if you are a welder, you should familiarize yourself with some of the potential hazards you could be exposed to on the job.

Welders face a wide variety of risks at work, from eye damage and electrocution to burns and falling debris. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, welding fumes can also be dangerous and may hurt workers in a variety of ways. In fact, the CDC draws attention to various side effects associated with manganese exposure, which welders often inhale through welding fumes. Unfortunately, chronic inhalation of manganese through welding fumes may result in tremors, rigid muscles, impaired movement and weak balance. Moreover, a worker’s kidney, liver and lungs may be damaged and male welders may even have difficulty with fertility.

How do musculoskeletal disorders occur at work?

In the workplace, there may be a variety of hazards that you have to watch out for. For example, if you work in construction sites, you may need to be mindful of falling debris, the risk of electrocution, and other dangers that are present on job sites. However, musculoskeletal disorders, which can occur as a result of repetitive strain, are a serious problem for some workers in Staten Island and across New York.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are various reasons why musculoskeletal disorders happen in the workplace. For example, some workers may sustain an injury due to working in an awkward or unnatural position, repeating the same tasks too much (such as bending over frequently or typing for long periods), trying to lift a heavy object and pulling or pushing something which is extremely heavy.

Taking a look at fatal work zone accidents

Each day, things go wrong on job sites across the U.S. Sadly, these accidents sometimes result in the loss of life, which is especially difficult for families who lose someone they love. To make matters worse, some of these accidents were caused by the negligence of another person and were entirely preventable. Moreover, those who regularly work in a road construction site in Staten Island, or in any other New York area, are employed in a particularly dangerous occupation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, information from 2011 to 2014 showed that 74 percent of road workers who lost their lives in a jobsite accident were hit by vehicles while in a work zone. Moreover, over 1,400 road workers passed away in accidents while they were working at a road construction site between 2003 and 2014.

What are some other examples of construction falls?

From chemical burns to electrical shock and falling debris, many hazards are present on construction sites across the country. In Staten Island, and in all other New York areas, falling is an especially prevalent and dangerous type of workplace accident that claims construction workers’ lives and leaves many more with debilitating injuries. Moreover, you should remember that construction falls take many forms.

From scaffolding falls to going through a roof, many examples of construction site falls have been covered on this blog. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration draws attention to other fall-related dangers that exist on job sites. For example, construction workers may fall through a wall or an opening that has not been properly guarded. Workers may fall off of a steep roof or a ladder and they may also fall down due to surfaces that have become slippery from rainfall or job-related materials. In fact, construction workers may even fall when trying to get on or off of equipment.

What recommendations does OSHA offer to reduce toxic exposure?

As an employer in New York, it is your responsibility to provide a safe workplace for your employees. You provide them with workers’ compensation coverage in the event they are injured, but it is the prevention of such injures that should be your main focus. This is especially true when it comes to toxic substances. Luckily, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has some clear guidelines for things you should do to limit toxic exposure.

OSHA has a pyramid of safety relating to toxic substances. Each layer of the pyramid adds more protection against exposure and illness. At the base of the pyramid is providing protective gear for your employees. This might include googles or gloves to protect from direct exposure, along with respiration gear to protect against air borne dangers. Next, on the pyramid is making administrative changes. Such changes may involve rotating employee positions so they are not working with the same substances every day, which helps to reduce exposure.

Can high temperatures lead to workplace illnesses?

Often, people realize certain on-the-job dangers, such as falling from heights on construction sites. However, there are other hazards that may not receive as much attention but can also lead to workplace illnesses, resulting in lost lives and serious injuries. In New York, and elsewhere in the U.S., those who work outside or in a hot environment may be hurt by the high temperatures in various ways.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that those who work in hot environments, such as those employed in the agricultural industry and construction workers, may suffer various heat-related health problems. For example, they may have heat cramps, exhaustion or heat stroke. Furthermore, they may suffer burns.

Falling objects and other construction accident causes

For construction workers employed in various trades, the workplace is often a dangerous place. With falling objects, careless co-workers, dangerous machinery and other hazards, many people who are employed in this line of work suffer injuries or lose their lives in job site mishaps. In Staten Island, and other cities all over the state of New York, it is essential for injured construction workers and the families of those who pass away to examine all options on the table. Sometimes, resources that come with workers’ compensation, such as help with bills and death benefits, help tremendously.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has listed many of the dangers that construction workers face on-the-job, including trench and scaffolding collapses and falling from high places. Other reasons why these accidents take place include the improper use of safety gear, electrocution and repetitive motions. By using common sense, taking all possible precautionary measures and always watching out for problem areas on jobs, construction workers can reduce their chances of an accident.

Handling slip-and-fall accidents at work

Regardless of your line of work, a number of risks may be present every day you head into your work space. If you work in the construction industry, you may have to watch out for falling debris and potentially hazardous equipment. On the other hand, those who work in office spaces may suffer an injury due to repetitive motions. At Angiuli & Gentile, we also know that many workers in New York have been hurt after slipping and falling down. As a result, it is especially important for employers and workers in all industries to try and prevent these accidents from occurring.

As an employee, you should always be vigilant and report any potential hazards you notice, such as water that is dripping from a leaky pipe. Whether you work in a grocery store, a construction zone or any other work space, there are many reasons why floors become slippery or hazards increase the risk of a worker falling down.

Slipping and dangerous workplace accidents

When people think of on-the-job accidents, some picture construction sites or workplaces involving dangerous equipment. However, workers in all fields may suffer an injury or, in some cases, lose their life after falling down. In Richmond, and cities all over the state of New York, it is very important for workers in all occupations to understand how serious slipping sometimes is and take steps to prevent these types of incidents at work.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, tripping, slipping and falling account for most workplace accidents in general industries. In fact, OSHA’s standards for walking surfaces are applicable to any type of employment location where employees work permanently, unless mining, agricultural or domestic work is the only job performed at the site. Surprisingly, slipping, tripping and falling is the second leading cause of accidental workplace fatalities, accounting for 15 percent of deaths.

New York man loses limb at work

From falling down to repetitive motions, there are various activities that may place workers from all fields in harm's way. However, in Staten Island, New York, and throughout the whole U.S., some people work in particularly risky fields. For example, those who work around dangerous equipment may find themselves injured in a jobsite accident or even lose their life. Depending on the extent of the injury a worker suffers, a lengthy road to recovery may lie ahead.

Those who came to rescue a worker who was injured on-the-job were searching for an arm he lost in the accident. After losing his limb, the man was sent to a medical center for treatment. In order to stop blood from flowing to the man's arm, law enforcement officials put a tourniquet on the worker's arm.

Success Stories

  • A 43 year old ironworker who fell four stories and sustained injuries to his ankle while installing a staircase settled his claim for $1,500,000.00. The accident was due to the failure of the building owner and general contractor to provide a safe place to work.
  • A construction worker operating an asphalt roller settled his case for $525,000.00 when the edge of the roadway he was paving collapsed into a trench being dug by a subcontractor causing him to sustain injuries to his leg.
  • A 54 year old commuter settled his case against the NYCTA for $1,200,000.00. when he tripped and fell on a subway platform due to the pavement being in disrepair, causing him to fall forward and to strike his head on a train pulling into the station.
  • The estate of a 64 year old woman received a settlement of $425,000.00 after she was struck and killed by a speeding tractor trailer while crossing the street at the intersection of Richmond Terrace and Port Richmond Avenue.
  • A $1,200,000.00 settlement was reached on behalf of a 54 year old man from Staten Island, New York, who, while in the course of his employment as a bus driver, was rear-ended on the Garden State Parkway and caused to suffer injuries to his back and neck as well as a fractured rib and fractured pelvis.
  • A 47-year-old building superintendent who sustained injuries to his head and right side of his body due to a tripping hazard at his job site received a settlement of $300,000.00 from the electrical company performing work at the site.
  • A 43 year old construction worker was caused to sustain injuries to his back, shoulder and hand when the elevator he was riding malfunctioned and dropped 8 floors. He received $350,000.00 in the settlement of his claim against the building owner, maintenance company and elevator company.
  • The administrator of the estate of a 69 year old man who suffered stage four pressure sores while a patient at a Queens nursing home settled the case for $400,000.00 after the man died.
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