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At Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, we have seen many injured workers struggle to achieve the outcome they deserve. This is heartbreaking, as people who need these benefits are often left struggling in a system that is not user-friendly.

What can you do to make sure you obtain the workers’ comp benefits you need for your medical costs and wage loss? You need a workers’ compensation lawyer. Then, it is important to consider the following advice and tips.

It Is Your Right to File a Claim

Your employer may attempt to coerce you into not filing a workers’ compensation claim. That may be coupled with promises to do the right thing and make sure you are taken care of. This is not in your best interest, as failure to file right away could jeopardize your ability to recover benefits.

Choose a Doctor You Can Trust

Regardless of what your employer says, you can see your own doctor. Our attorneys can help you understand your rights and make sure you get the medical treatment you need to recover from your on-the-job injury or illness.

Details. Details. Details.

In a workers’ compensation claim, the details are important. It is important to log everything, even seemingly inconsequential conversations between you and your employer. We recommend keeping all logs and other documents in a safe place in case they are needed as part of your case.

Watch What You Say

Speaking to the insurance company can be tricky, because anything you say to your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier can be used against you as you pursue the benefits you deserve. It is best to let your attorney handle interactions with your employer, claims adjusters and others who may have an interest in denying your benefits.

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