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Union Workers

Whether you are union or nonunion, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits after a work injury. Workers’ compensation cases can be complex, especially if you are not receiving the full benefits you need to cover your medical expenses and your lost wages.

As a result, it is essential that you work with an attorney who has experience in this area. At Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, we have more than three decades of experience representing injured workers in New York, including union members. We are committed to helping you secure the full benefits you are entitled to under the law, and we can answer your questions about workers’ comp for union workers.

Choosing a Lawyer for Your Claim

Your union may have recommended an attorney to you for your workers’ compensation claim. You do not need to use that attorney and are free to choose any attorney you wish. Attorney fees in workers’ compensation cases are set by law and not by your lawyer. As a result, it will cost you no more money to choose your own attorney for your case.

When selecting an attorney to represent you, it is important to look for an attorney who has achieved a record of results in this area. Additionally, you want an attorney you can trust to handle every aspect of your claim and secure maximum compensation for you and your family.

Experienced Lawyers for Your Claim

We are a full-service law firm based in Staten Island. We can handle all elements of your case, including third-party claims. Our attorneys represent workers from a wide range of union workers, including:

  • Plumbers and other types of construction workers
  • Steel workers
  • Engineers
  • Workers in the hospitality industry such as restaurant and hotel employees

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Turn to our firm for skilled representation in your workers’ comp case. For a free initial consultation, contact us by email or call us at 347-201-4447.