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Restaurant & Hospitality Workers

Hospitality employees, such as restaurant workers and hotel staff, are the unsung heroes of our comfortable lives. Cooking and serving meals, washing clothes, and cleaning rooms may not seem hazardous, but many restaurant and hospitality workers are injured every year in New York.

It can often be difficult for these workers to get the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. When injuries are built up over time due to repetitive stresses or are psychological in nature, the insurance companies will take advantage of any opening to discredit injured workers and challenge their benefits.

Personal Representation for Restaurant and Hospitality Workers

At Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, our Staten Island restaurant and hospitality injury lawyers are dedicated to maximizing workers’ comp benefits for our clients. We have extensive experience pursuing benefits on behalf of workers who have suffered injuries such as:

Due to the amount of lifting and repetitive motions that restaurant and hospitality workers engage in on a daily basis, they are exposed to far more injury risk than may meet the eye. While most of these injuries are not catastrophic in nature, they can reduce a worker’s quality of life and lead to long-term difficulties. You should not have to bear this burden alone, and we can work to make sure you are not alone in your time of need.

Were you injured outside of the office while making a food delivery or taking care of another work-related task? We can help you pursue a personal injury claim against a negligent third party in addition to handling your workers’ compensation benefits claim.

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