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Commercial Drivers

The job duties of a commercial driver go far beyond driving a truck, van, taxi cab or other commercial vehicle. Many drivers are also responsible for loading and unloading their cargo and performing maintenance operations on company vehicles. When injuries occur that threaten a driver’s livelihood, it is crucial for commercial drivers to be aware of their rights.

At Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, our lawyers have a breadth of experience pursuing successful outcomes for commercial drivers in Staten Island and surrounding areas of New York. Whether your injury occurred while driving or while performing other job duties, we will aggressively pursue the full benefits you deserve.

Were You Injured While Driving?

In addition to being eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to provide for your lost wages and medical expenses, you may also be able to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. For example, if a negligent driver is responsible for your injuries, we can help you obtain compensation through their insurance coverage for damages such as pain and suffering and medical costs.

Not All Injuries Happen While Driving

An injury does not have to happen while on the road for a commercial driver to collect wage loss and medical benefits. Whether you were injured in an accident behind the wheel or were injured while loading commercial goods or a taxi customer’s bags, we will pursue the full compensation you deserve.

The insurance companies are not going to be looking to do you any favors. They are far more likely to challenge the severity of your injuries and attempt to avoid responsibility. We will be your strongest advocate in making sure you are compensated for the effects of injuries such as:

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