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3 ways to prevent common workplace accidents

Preventing workplace accidents is a top priority in most New York organizations. Even when managers do not prioritize this for philanthropic reasons, they may fear the legal and economic impact on a company. Whatever their reasons, there are easy steps a manager can follow to help prevent common workplace accidents.

How can trenches be made safer?

Enhancing the safety of workers in construction trenches and excavations should be a top priority for New York contractors since an unsafe trench can cause serious injury and possible loss of life. The main hazard of a trench is a cave-in, a situation where trench walls break loose and collapse on top of workers. These kinds of disasters can be prevented if contractors properly train and equip their workers.

Enacting safety protocols can reduce “Fatal Four” injuries

New York construction projects improve infrastructure and benefit millions of people each year. Unfortunately, treacherous conditions make the sites dangerous for those that work there. The team at Angiuli & Gentile, LLP, has experience handling workplace injury claims for construction workers.

Teachers and work-related accidents

Our blog has addressed many different types of workplace accidents that shatter the lives of hard-working people. However, it is critical to remember that people employed in any field may be hurt while performing their job duties. Some people may think about construction workers and those who face significant risks on a daily basis. However, those employed in relatively safer lines of work may also be hurt while carrying out their job responsibilities. For example, a teacher may be hurt on the job, and these accidents can also be very devastating from a financial and physical point of view.

Workers' compensation claims in restaurants

Restaurant workers in New York are at risk of a variety of accidents and injuries. Whether working in the back as a dishwasher or cook or working in the front as a busser or server, there are many hazards that can lead to workers' compensation claims if not handled correctly. 

The importance of speaking up about unsafe conditions

Workers in New York have the legal right to work in a safe environment. If they see hazardous conditions, they also have the right to report these to OSHA and not face consequences from their employer. However, a number of employees are scared or hesitant to speak up, and this can lead to more serious problems down the road. It is important workers understand they can take action against their employer, and that it can lead to positive outcomes.

How to prevent hand injuries

Injuries to the hand are some of the most common workers' compensation claims in New York. Although employers are required by law to protect their workers from potential dangers, there is still a lot that can go wrong. Being aware of what causes these injuries and taking the steps to prevent them is extremely important in all types of industries.

Mining and safety training in New York

The state of New York contains numerous mines, and their resources result in major contributions to the economy. Mining has always been known to be a dangerous occupation, and proper safety procedures and regulations need to be followed in order to minimize workers' compensation claims.

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