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Workers' compensation is not a nice bonus that people are given to compensate them for an injury they receive on the job. It is a necessary insurance that allows people to perform the functions of their job safe in the knowledge that they will not be left destitute if an accident occurs. It is something that no worker should hesitate to take advantage of if they are injured on the job. Even if you think that your injury will not qualify, it behooves you to investigate.

Metalworker fatally injured in workplace accident

Workers' compensation benefits are extremely important for the financial security of employees, regardless of field. Even employees who do not work in particularly hazardous industries can still be injured by slippery stairs or malfunctioning machinery. However, there are some industries that are more dangerous than others, and employees who work in such industries should be particularly aware of their workers' compensation benefits. A workplace accident could render you incapable of earning wages for a brief period of time, or even forever.

Legal aid is important in workers' compensation claims

No matter what type of job you have, if you are classified as an employee with your company, you can suffer an injury on the job. Even individuals who spend most of their workday behind a desk could slip on an icy staircase or suffer injuries from repetitive motions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome resulting from typing. These injuries and any others that are suffered while on the job can all be covered by workers' compensation benefits. If you are making a workers' compensation claim, it is important that you meet with an attorney to discuss your claim.

Are there injuries that workers' compensation does not cover?

We have previously mentioned how workers' compensation covers nearly all work-related injuries, including injuries that were suffered during horseplay depending on the circumstances. However, there are obviously some injuries that are not covered by workers' compensation, and there are surely many people who are curious as to what those injuries might be. Fortunately, this article can help. The article features a great deal of information regarding workers' compensation and answers many common questions.

Labor Market Attachment

A key component the Workers' Compensation Board uses in determining the amount of benefits an injured worker is eligible to receive for his or her workers' compensation claim is the degree/ percentage of disability that the worker sustained due to his or her workplace accident and/or occupational disease. As a case progresses, a doctor or Administrative Law Judge may determine that the worker is less than 100% disabled. At this point in time the insurance carrier will likely raise the issue of labor market attachment.

Am I covered by workers? compensation?

Nearly every employee is covered by workers? compensation in New York, including part-time employees and even some volunteers. These benefits are vital to many occupations, particularly those with hazardous conditions, such as construction workers or factory workers. Workers? compensation benefits exist to ensure that individuals who suffer an injury or illness on the job are taken care of, so that they can do their job safe in the knowledge that if any tragedy should befall them, they and their family will have security.

Workers? comp benefits could apply to Uber and Lyft drivers

You may have heard of ride-sharing services, companies like Uber and Lyft, which have cropped up in recent years as an alternative to hailing a cab or calling a friend for transportation. You may not have ever wondered about the driver behind the steering wheel in these cars, but the terms of their employment have been raising questions recently in California. The answers to these questions could affect drivers and employees all across the country, including those in New York.

Do not settle for less than you deserve

Workers’ compensation is a vital benefit afforded to employees under the law. Because of these benefits, workers can do their jobs to the best of their abilities, safe in the knowledge that they and their families will be taken care of if an accident or illness should occur. However, it is important to remember that nobody likes to give away free money, so while employees can enjoy the protection of workers’ compensation, they may not always be given as much as they need.

New York's workers' compensation costs compared to other states

The costs that go into providing workers' compensation benefits may not seem important to many people. After all, employers are legally required to offer workers' comp benefits to their employees, with a few exceptions, and as long as the workers are able to take advantage of the benefits, you might decide that you don't care about the costs. However, when you consider that the state with the nation's highest workers' comp premium rates has a rate nearly twice as high as the median rate across the entire United States, the disparity becomes notable.

Know your rights in a New York Workers' Comp Case

Workers' compensation is one of the most important benefits afforded to employees. Even if an employee never has to take advantage of these benefits, the fact that the benefits are there produces a level of trust and creates a relationship between employee and employer that shows how invested both parties are with one another. Unfortunately, employers will still sometimes look to cut as many corners as they can to save money in a workers' compensation claim, so it is important to know how New York treats workers' compensation.

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