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July 2019 Archives

Construction sites could become 680% safer

New York is home to some of the tallest and most opulent buildings in the world. Whether workers are building, repairing or cleaning them, there is a chance that they could fall or suffer from other workplace accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration puts guidelines in place to prevent this from happening, but when employers neglect to enforce best practices, workers suffer the consequences.

WHO recognizes burnout as a workplace illness

For years, occupational psychologists in New York and around the world have studied workplace burnout. Most of these studies have concluded that burnout is an occupational health hazard. They also noted that to improve employee morale, health and retention, employers should take better steps to invest in their employee’s mental health.

Stress-related worker’s compensation claims are hard to prove

Workers in New York were excited when they learned that they could file a worker’s compensation claim for stress. However, as the American Bar Association points out, these cases are notoriously difficult to prove. Unfortunately, the most successful cases occur when stress has gone far enough to cause mental and physical health complications that affect a person’s ability to live a normal, healthy life and function at work.

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