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June 2019 Archives

How can trenches be made safer?

Enhancing the safety of workers in construction trenches and excavations should be a top priority for New York contractors since an unsafe trench can cause serious injury and possible loss of life. The main hazard of a trench is a cave-in, a situation where trench walls break loose and collapse on top of workers. These kinds of disasters can be prevented if contractors properly train and equip their workers.

Employers are investing more money in mental health treatment

New York is a state of industry. Life here is fast-paced and people are always rushing about their daily business. Workers tend to be high-strung and burnout is just a part of the job. While this is not true for all of New York, it is the common way of life for many in the Big Apple. It comes as no surprise then that the increasingly high demands at work have led to an increase in employee mental health costs.

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