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Is your employer required to carry workers' compensation?

If you are an employee in New York and you injure yourself on the job or contract a job-related illness, there is a good chance your employer is responsible to pay for your expenses through its workers' compensation insurance. There are some exceptions to carrying these benefits, but most employers must provide them for all employees.

Teachers and work-related accidents

Our blog has addressed many different types of workplace accidents that shatter the lives of hard-working people. However, it is critical to remember that people employed in any field may be hurt while performing their job duties. Some people may think about construction workers and those who face significant risks on a daily basis. However, those employed in relatively safer lines of work may also be hurt while carrying out their job responsibilities. For example, a teacher may be hurt on the job, and these accidents can also be very devastating from a financial and physical point of view.

Not injured on the job but think your cancer may be work-related?

Many workers’ compensation claims may seem obvious. Fractures related to a construction worker falling off a scaffold, nursing staff suffering back injuries while transferring a patient and concussions for commercial driver involvement in motor vehicle accidents might all seem like pretty clear-cut workplace injuries.

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