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November 2018 Archives

Job sites and the risk of electrocution

Those who work in the construction industry face a variety of hazards on the job, from falling materials and objects to the dangers that come with using certain types of machinery. However, electrical shock is a serious concern and these accidents have caused many construction workers to suffer various hardships. If you are an electrician, or if you simply find yourself on a job site where there is a risk of electrocution, it is pivotal to be aware of these risks at all times. Unfortunately, many construction workers have suffered serious injuries and even passed away in these accidents.

Workers' compensation claims in restaurants

Restaurant workers in New York are at risk of a variety of accidents and injuries. Whether working in the back as a dishwasher or cook or working in the front as a busser or server, there are many hazards that can lead to workers' compensation claims if not handled correctly. 

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