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June 2018 Archives

Electrical shock on construction sites

Construction workers face many different hazards on a regular basis, especially if they work in high places or use dangerous machinery. However, there are many other risks to watch out for, such as electrocution. Workers are electrocuted in many different ways and these accidents can lead to serious injuries or even the loss of life. On construction sites across the state of New York, it is crucial for workers to recognize how these accidents occur and make sure they take all steps to recover properly in the wake of an accident.

The importance of speaking up about unsafe conditions

Workers in New York have the legal right to work in a safe environment. If they see hazardous conditions, they also have the right to report these to OSHA and not face consequences from their employer. However, a number of employees are scared or hesitant to speak up, and this can lead to more serious problems down the road. It is important workers understand they can take action against their employer, and that it can lead to positive outcomes.

Workplace injuries and who is covered under the law

All workers in New York are at risk for some type of workplace injury or illness over the course of their lifetimes, but some industries and jobs pose a higher risk than others. Being aware of what causes the most injuries can help employers and employees take steps to prevent harm. However, if an employee does get hurt there is a good chance he or she is covered by workers' compensation insurance and can file a claim to cover related costs.

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