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What if my employer isn't covered by workers' compensation?

After being injured on the job, you rely on your employer's workers' compensation policy to account for medical expenses, lost wages and many other expenses. But what if you find out too late that your employer is not actually covered by workers' compensation insurance? Is there any action you can take to recover damages under New York law, or are employers allowed to simply not carry coverage?

Does New York workers' compensation cover child performers?

You never expect your little tyke's talent act to make it big, but when it does you may find yourself dealing with far more than just managing your child's mental health and well-being while dealing with the stresses of being a performer. A great deal of paperwork and protections are required to ensure that child performers do not work undue hours or suffer hardship as a result of their performances. You may also worry about what happens if an employer hires your child as a performer, and an injury takes place in the workplace. Is a child performer covered under New York workers' compensation law?

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