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Why a Workers' Compensation Attorney is Necessary to Protect You

New York workers who sustain injuries while working are entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits. Based on the type of injury, the law sets cash benefits as well as medical care for the injured person. However many employers and their insurance carriers complicate the workers' compensation process to deny the victims the benefits they deserve. If you are hurt while working, a skilled workers' compensation attorney can positively influence the settlement of your claims.

When you get hurt on the job, it may be in your interest to pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. Your application can be approved without involving the courts. You should be cautious when dealing with your employer's workers' compensation insurance company as it can make an offer which is usually a raw deal. If you cannot agree with your employer or the insurer, a workers' compensation judge or referee may adjudicate a hearing. Below are some reasons that can lead to a trial.

  • Your company challenging your claim, asserting that you did not get hurt on the job, or your injuries shouldn't stop you from working
  • The workers' compensation insurance company contesting the type of your injury claim or your inability to work. The company can pose a challenge due to inaccurate or insufficient medical information, conflicting opinion from a doctor hired by the insurance carrier, or lack of wage information for determining the right amount for your claim.

The judge weighs the evidence and testimonies from both sides to conclude whether you are eligible for an award and the correct amount. Workers' compensation lawsuits tend to move fast, and judges don't have time to explain the law exhaustively to the contending parties. Therefore, you may not understand what to do to protect your legal rights. Your employer or the insurance company will have experienced attorneys. Hence, you should consider having legal counsel from a qualified lawyer during the hearing.

A seasoned workers' compensation lawyer will gather evidence before the case commences and build a strong argument in your favor. Be wary if the insurance company asks you to sign some papers as the agents don't have the best interest of people seeking compensation. Their aim is to deny you or to persuade you to accept an offer far from what is justified.

Immediately after a workplace accident, contact a workers' compensation attorney immediately to protect your rights and interests.

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Success Stories

  • A 43 year old ironworker who fell four stories and sustained injuries to his ankle while installing a staircase settled his claim for $1,500,000.00. The accident was due to the failure of the building owner and general contractor to provide a safe place to work.
  • A construction worker operating an asphalt roller settled his case for $525,000.00 when the edge of the roadway he was paving collapsed into a trench being dug by a subcontractor causing him to sustain injuries to his leg.
  • A 54 year old commuter settled his case against the NYCTA for $1,200,000.00. when he tripped and fell on a subway platform due to the pavement being in disrepair, causing him to fall forward and to strike his head on a train pulling into the station.
  • The estate of a 64 year old woman received a settlement of $425,000.00 after she was struck and killed by a speeding tractor trailer while crossing the street at the intersection of Richmond Terrace and Port Richmond Avenue.
  • A $1,200,000.00 settlement was reached on behalf of a 54 year old man from Staten Island, New York, who, while in the course of his employment as a bus driver, was rear-ended on the Garden State Parkway and caused to suffer injuries to his back and neck as well as a fractured rib and fractured pelvis.
  • A 47-year-old building superintendent who sustained injuries to his head and right side of his body due to a tripping hazard at his job site received a settlement of $300,000.00 from the electrical company performing work at the site.
  • A 43 year old construction worker was caused to sustain injuries to his back, shoulder and hand when the elevator he was riding malfunctioned and dropped 8 floors. He received $350,000.00 in the settlement of his claim against the building owner, maintenance company and elevator company.
  • The administrator of the estate of a 69 year old man who suffered stage four pressure sores while a patient at a Queens nursing home settled the case for $400,000.00 after the man died.
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