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December 2016 Archives

What are some common treatments for spinal injuries?

A worker can suffer a spinal injury in virtually any environment. Of course, if you spend your day engaged in physical activities that involve lifting, squatting or using tools, it is almost impossible to avoid placing some measure of strain on your back. But even if you work at a desk all day long, your spine could suffer damage due to the position in which you are sitting. And slips and falls are a threat at every workplace.

Beware the onset of hypothermia when working out in the cold

By its very nature, construction work requires being exposed to the elements. After all, when you work on a construction site, you are building the structures that others will use to protect themselves from the heat, cold, snow, wind and rain. And as we proceed through the winter months, construction workers must be cognizant of the hazards that cold weather can bring.

Fatigue places workers in danger of accidents

If you spend much of your time at work suffering from fatigue, then you understand how easy it is to make errors or be slow to react when confronted with hazardous situations. And of course, the only real cure for fatigue is to get plenty of rest. But far too often, workers must adhere to schedules that make this impossible.

If I'm physically assaulted on the job, can I get workers' comp?

Most people avoid physical altercations at all costs. You may even specifically steer clear of places where people tend to settle disputes through violence rather than negotiation or even verbal sparring. But what happens if you should be assaulted or attacked at your place of employment?

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